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Laser Capabilities

We have recently expanded our in-house production capabilities by adding to our existing sophisticated machinery a new state-of-the-art carton-converting industrial laser equipment. By enhancing, speeding up, and simplifying production, the laser makes overall manufacturing more time and cost-efficient. The most common capabilities of our laser are: die cutting, cutting, etching, scoring, perforating, and variable data imaging.

Die Cutting

Our high-speed laser cuts through many different substrates while it doesn’t make any contact with the material. It can cut intricate, tricky patterns which would be difficult or almost impossible to achieve with a traditional die cutter.


Laser scoring is a process of utilizing a focused spot of energy to remove material to a specified depth. Laser scoring is useful in creating a crease to be torn or bent easily. The virtually unlimited scoring path can be done with the laser, which can move in any direction, unlike other processes that use knives or saws.


The laser has a unique ability to cut intricate design patterns into the material with extreme precision.


Our laser technology offers the ability to create intricate images on packaging. The quality and detail of laser etching cannot be compared to anything in the print industry. The process can be simultaneously executed with die cutting, saving production time and therefore cutting its cost. Variable text and image capability.


A sequence of tiny holes made into the paper is called a perforation. Perforations are often used in the packaging when two sections of the material need to be easily separated or torn.


• Paper and paperboard products • Adhesives and label stock • Plastics • Acrylics • Polyester • Vinyl • Textile • Foams • Abrasives • Corrugated cardboard • Polypropylene • Metalized films • Conductive coatings • Polycarbonatess

About Us

Inkubate focuses on product design and manufacturing, by providing leading-edge graphic design and package conversion. Additionally, we offer warehousing services for our clients.

Inkubate is a new and innovative, one-stop-shop for all your graphic design, printed product production, carton conversion, and packaging needs!

Inkubate is dedicated to supporting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises which require flexible, customized packaging solutions. We can accommodate low - mid-volume production runs increasing cost-effectiveness and efficiency for our clients.

We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations through passion and hard work. As we produce any packaging project, we make sure to complete the product exactly to customer's requirements. We can perform the analytics and validate the best practices for the setup, and streamline the use of our equipment, to deliver what our customer is expecting.


Custom Folding Cartons

Cartons are custom-made to client specifications. Inkubate Packaging incorporates die cutting, trimming, gluing, and other manufacturing techniques to produce the perfect packaging item to promote and protect the product for which it is designed. Our folder gluer is equipped with a full line of attachments, including a lock bottom box.

Graphic Design

The Inkubate team collaborates with customers to achieve the most suitable designs, and by application of innovative branding and inherent security features which enhance product packaging. We offer a full range of services: design, printing solutions, and regulatory-compliant labeling on primary and secondary packaging. Additionally, we produce large format displays for trade shows.

Custom Die Cutting

Our Auto Platen 28" x 40" die-cutting service provides us with the ability to accommodate customer needs for various product sizes. We specialize in manufacturing custom cartons of precise dimensions and packaging that require close tolerance.


To provide fully integrated contract services to Western Canadian Small to Medium Enterprise manufacturers, encompassing graphic design,  paper, and substrate conversion to packaging.


To become a leading contract service provider, valued for delivering excellence to the customers by providing premium conversion and packaging services, effective and compliant processes, and honest working relations.



10 minutes away from the Edmonton International Airport, Inkubate offers easy access to the city while staying away from the busy atmosphere.


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